Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For Me...

Not too long ago, I reconnected with a dear friend of mine.  In addition to being a good friend, she's also a muchly valued mentor.  She was the one that inspired me to create Hiccups In Time.  With our busy lives, we lost touch with one another, but started chatting again a few months ago, and it was great!  It was as though no time had passed in the least.

When she invited me to a community that she was creating (The Storyteller's Village), I was excited, to say the least and rushed to join as soon as I was able.  Since then, I have jumped on board the Creative Nachos train and am helping her out with Marketing and Advertising, basically leaving her to be able to focus on the creative side of the house as much as possible.  As a result of being a member of the SV and my new position, I'm getting right back to where I want to be... among all you wonderful creatives!  Truly... I have returned to the oasis within the desert.

So, I was watching everyone's vlogs and video posts this morning... I did some poking around, following links and buttons, and the door was opened wide to me!

Originally, I had planned to have this blog as my own personal marketing, advertising tool for the creativeness that I'm going to be engaging in very soon.  I was also going to include links and advertising for my Scentsy business.  Then I came across Micael Chadwick's page with regard to blogging without givahootery, and something said there really struck me...
"Don't give a hoot if Tara Diddle gets a bajillion comments a day because she's whoring herself on the corner of Desperation & Whine and paying people in hand jobs, boo hoos and Skittles."
If I made this blog into what it was originally intended, it would only become what Hiccups In Time has become...

Now, I'm not saying that as a bad thing.  Hiccups has its purposes.  It's my mannerly, motherly, proper side, I guess you could say.  There is a lot not said there...  A lot of mySelf, which goes undisclosed.  Not that I'm not being authentic.  I'm being authentic with those sides of myself that are considered "acceptable" to the masses.  The rest... well... I will reserve for my creative, goddess side here.

So, I will be blogging without givahootery here.  The good, bad, and, yes, even the ugly, which will be coming up not too long from now because I'm jumping on the vlog train.

I have come home!