Monday, May 23, 2011

Good To WOW: Chalk Drawings

So, I'm getting really fired up where my creativity is concerned.  I've decided to focus primarily on my two passions - writing and photography - and go from there.  Previously, I was thinking about throwing some crafting of decorative signs in there too, but recently realized that I would only be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I wouldn't be focusing on any one thing.

With that being said, I spent my weekend - while nearly everyone else in my family was gone - working finding spots to learn and improve where my photography skills (including editing) are concerned.  I'm getting very focused and... I have to say that I'm getting slightly overwhelmed.  I'm still feeling like a chicken with my head cut off or the very least a child in a candy store.

One thing I'm learning is - despite the fact that I've been fiddling with cameras for 30+ years - I don't know diddly.  I have a fancy (for me) camera, sure.  It's a D40.  By technological standards, though, (I know) it's rather outdated.  But, still good enough to learn the basics, right?

And that's where I am... virtually at the beginning.  My first goal is to get beyond simply pointing and shooting.  I want to learn to shoot (well) manually.  But, I'm ready to learn anything and everything that anyone is willing to teach me.

So... This week, I'm following along with Ashley and Jill and participating in my very first Good to WOW Photo Challenge.

I already started reading Jill's initial post and... Is this where the WOW comes in?  Because I was saying "wow" as I was reading it.  I watched the video about Exposure Compensation, which I learned a great deal from.  But it also brought up other questions... Such as "how the heck do I adjust it on my camera?" So, I pulled up the PDF of my camera's manual and began to read...  It is a start... right?

This week's theme for Good to Wow is Chalk Drawings...  Now, admittedly, I had to run to Wal-Mart this afternoon to pick some sidewalk chalk up.  Yes, I have a little girl, who has not been deprived of the sidewalk chalk.  We were just currently out because it had been all used up last year, and the weather has just recently gotten nice here.

Here is my SOOC shot...

My Inner Critic can point all the things that it thinks is wrong with it, but... Inner Critics aren't allowed at the Kreative Oasis.  I was actually fortunate to get this shot.  Both the wee'uns (two and four legged) were being really quite challenging this afternoon.

So, there it is... I hope you'll pop back over on Thursday for the edited shot.