Kreatives Kafe

As of late, I've been puttering around the internet trying to find some sort of directory that lists creatives...  I haven't been successful.  (Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right spot.)  It's for that reason, though, that I'm starting one of my own.

Kreatives Kafe is a directory for creatives.  If you create it, envision it... Photography, visual art, writing, what have you...  You are welcome here!

Below, you'll find a handful of linky tools.  Feel free to list your links for each (blog, etsy, Twitter, and Facebook Fanpage).

If you could also grab the button and share with as many people as possible, we can eventually grow the Kafe into the largest Creatives directory on the web.

Thank you!


(If you have more than one link that would fit under a particular heading, please feel free to add all of them!)


Store front Pages (for handcrafted items):

Twitter Links:

Facebook Fan Pages: