Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's All About the Journey...

I created a bit of a posting schedule for myself... I want to keep both my blogs (Hiccups In Time and here) active.  Both, are important to me for different reasons.  This post could seemingly pose a "failure" on my part, however, on adhering to it.  It is not.

See... over at Hiccups In Time, I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap today.  My guest's post is already up, as is the one that I wrote for Waiting To Rise on Tips To Stretch A Buck.  That means that I have time to play whilst the wee'un is at PreK!

Yesterday, the book I ordered arrived in the mail!

 This is the first bit of time that I've really had to sit and go through it, and I have to tell you that I love it!  I absolutely LOVE it already!

I really like the idea of art journaling.  It's a concept that I've been learning about from others through my creative pursuits this past year.  My problem is the blank page.  It taunts me.  I never really know what to do with it.

Oh, yes!  I have LOTS of craft and art supplies.  I'm just rather... intimidated by them, I guess you could say.  So, more often than not, the page stays blank.

Recently, though, I had a project idea come to me.  It's going to be a photo/art journal.  Only... beyond the writing and photo aspects of it, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off.  Until now...  It's just going to take LOTS of practice on my part to get it the way I want, but that's okay.

It's all about the journey.  Not the destination...